Monday, September 21, 2009

self destructing services help re-educate unwashed masses using email


The largest source of spam for me is the VAST unwashed masses using email.  Those people blissfully unaware that email predates the interweb.  I no longer have the patience to re-educate each on BCC and email netiquette so I have finally accepted the necessity of proximate circles of trust.  The more trusted the contact the better email contact information provided.  My peripheral email address uses self destructing images, self destructing URLs, and disposable email aliases to send content that is likely to tempt the ignorant into mashing her FWD button.

drop : media :: kicknotes : text :: vipurl : url

When their respective recipients receive the email with URLs to content that is no longer available the feedback loop discourages them from forwarding my email.

^ I have been emailing various services for more than a year pressing for self expiring options. Seemingly there are many new fruits of this effort.  :-}

This is far more convenient that using a cPanel webhost for DIY expiration. (ftp + mod_rewrite + cron + pixie dust)


Sunday, September 20, 2009

pro-DEA zone salting rollout in progress

Three disposable email address (DEA) services have embraced the pro-DEA zone salting plan in varying degrees: : MX [IP], MX [FQDN], wildcard MX implicitly, CNAME [@ or MX] : MX [IP], MX [FQDN], A : MX [FQDN]


Thursday, September 10, 2009

pro-DEA solutions in an anti-DEA fascism world


using DNS Resource Records (A, MX, CNAME, Wildcard A, Wildcard MX) to donate zones to free Disposable Email Address (DEA) projects

Wildcard MX is oft considered evil. I have found its ultimate use.

One developer at a time the spark becomes a forest fire: burn spam burn.  (it's early)

Second part of two fold solution: zone salting (aka salting the zone)